Who can benefit from working with a Neuro-Activ coach?

Client Profiles

Coping skills vary from person to person. Some display their feelings openly while others bury theirs deep. As a wellness professional, my goal is to help as many people as possible.  I created this section to help people at large and their loved ones recognize triggers and identify behaviours they can change with the help of a Neuro-Activ coach.

Although fictional in nature, these client profiles depict real issues that many people may experience in their lifetime. I encourage you to review each client profile and share them with members of your personal network who might be struggling with similar situations and behaviours in their own lives. I can help them transform into a better version of themselves.



"My teenagers have comebacks for everything and it’s driving me crazy. It seems like they take turns setting me off. I’d like to see behavioural changes but I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. How can I become more zen while preparing these teens for adulthood?"

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“I’ve recently moved to a new city and I don’t know anyone. I thought a good way to meet people might be to join a sports league, but I’ve always felt awkward or shy and it’s preventing me from moving forward and enjoying the city as much as I’d like. How can I feel more confident to approach people?”

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“No matter what I’m doing, whether at work or at home, I get distracted and don’t manage to complete anything that I start. At work, my lack of attention is starting to have a negative impact on my job. How can I be more focused? What’s wrong with me?”

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“Whenever my boss asks me to do a presentation in front of clients or the board of directors, my anxiety level rises instantly. I know my stuff, but the thought of speaking to a group of people makes me super nervous. I don’t have this issue if I’m talking to a group of friends. How can I get over my anxiety?”

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“When someone interrupts me while I’m talking, it sets me off. Like a dormant volcano, I erupt suddenly. I can’t seem to calm down or control my feelings. Why can’t I react more reasonably?”

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“I’ve just been promoted at work. But, every morning, I dread going to work. Why do I doubt myself? I’ve done this type of work before. I’m worried that I’ll struggle to do this job.”

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