Disrupt self-destructive behaviours with self-respect, pride,
and support.

My story

Writing about myself, my past, or my aspirations doesn’t come naturally, but sharing my experiences, my observations on life, and the lessons I’ve learned does.

Growing up in Montreal – blessed with a large, French Canadian family shaped my positive, can-do outlook, and fueled my imagination. Strong connections with friends and family continue to give me strength today, and I’m forever grateful.

As an adult, I moved to Toronto to be with my boyfriend. Working at Bell Canada, I became accustomed to quarterly re-orgs, and when a close friend asked that I join him and sell real estate, I made the jump. Despite my introverted nature, I stretched beyond my limitations, cultivating a broad network of clients, service providers, and fellow realtors, and built a successful real estate practice. Working closely with sellers and buyers helped me develop valuable people skills, which in turn enabled me to help my clients to reach their real estate goals. For the better part of 14 years, I felt content with my path in life, at least from a career perspective. But there’s more to personal growth than attaining career objectives.

Personal satisfaction aside, relationships challenged my self-image – at times compromising, often disruptive, but undoubtedly the catalysts for change in my life.  While searching for ways and methodologies to manage the different types of change I faced over the years, I discovered that I possess a natural drive to understand the HOW so I can better cope with new circumstances as they arise, and with some effort, guide those changes to positive outcomes.  So, I put my new-found skills to work in all facets of my life.

“Let me disrupt the outdated patterns that are holding you back and guide you through this change.”

– Yannick Picard

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In 2014, I was exposed to the benefits of personal coaching while attending an information session. At this point, with my career at a new high, I found that professional success wasn’t generating the same joy and satisfaction it once did. My personal life suffered the brunt of my apathy. It was time for action, so I took control and initiated change, and I found a novel approach to coaching that helped me better understand myself.

The Neuro-Activ based coaching approach is based on three key principles:

Effectiveness of purpose

> Discover techniques to help you purposefully achieve your goals

Simplicity in emotions

> Learn to de-escalate stressful, emotionally charged life events

Completeness of self

> Realize a higher sense of self-satisfaction from your accomplishments

The Neuro-Activ approach helped me to achieve an inner sense of peace and find my personal power again. I then realized that I could help others to find their own peace and power. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in the Neuro-Activ Coaching® program and received my certification as a Neuro-Activ coach from the Neuro-Activ Coaching® Federation (NACF) in 2018.

The program teaches strategies that help people to recognize limiting beliefs, deconstruct their perceived limitations, and build a positive outlook anchored in truths about themselves. This learning was pivotal to my success as a personal coach. I have realized in my practice that the same approach can apply to multiple facets of life, including, but not limited to, career, family, intimate relationships, and friendships.

“There’s nothing more destructive to a person’s life than the false beliefs they carry with them every day.”

-Yannick Picard

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Reshape the way you see yourself. And smile.

My philosophy

For some, personal success is measured by material gain or superficial gratification (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but most people at some point notice that something is missing. Happiness, self-love, true contentment, a sense of fulfillment, and inner peace are some of the success metrics that I seek to improve in my own life and the lives of my clients. Self-discovery leads to a better understanding of how one’s experiences and personal beliefs shape their future-selves. Gaining a new perspective and using the skills shaped using the Neuro-Activ strategies helps people positively effect change and achieve a better future by design.

“Beliefs shape the viewfinder people use to see themselves, navigate life, and make decisions that impact the future. In helping guide clients to achieve a better version of themselves, I fulfill my personal aspirations of enabling my larger community to follow a positive, collaborative, and effective path.”

–Yannick Picard

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My professional commitment to you.

My professional commitment

Above all, I pledge to objectively and skillfully guide you through your journey of self-betterment, to help you reach your personal and professional goals, and to teach you valuable skills to enable positive change for the rest of your life.