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Introducing Yannick, the NeuroActivCoach

For the better part of 14 years, I was content with my path in life, at least from a career perspective. I then realized that there’s more to personal growth than attaining career objectives.

Interpersonal relationships, at times compromising and disruptive, challenged my self-image. I hungered for change in my life, and tirelessly sought the catalyst. I searched through various methodologies to manage different types of change, and unearthed my natural drive to understand the HOW so I could better cope with the why.

How do I help?

Using the Neuro-Activ methodology, I guide you through a life discovery process that helps detoxify your thinking, your feelings, and your belief systems.

What’s unique about my approach?

The prime benefit of working with me is discovering a happier version of you.

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Photo of Yannick Picard

Yannick Picard

“Help me fulfill my personal aspirations of enabling clients to follow a new positive, collaborative, and effective life path.”

– Yannick Picard

Learn more about Yannick and what makes him tick!

Yannick’s Story

I’ve helped many clients find better versions of themselves.
See what they have to say.

“Yannick helped me identify the root of my personal angst, without judgment or jumping to premature conclusions. I was able with his guidance to modify my thinking and toxic behaviours that held me back.”

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Discover important insights that can help you uncover a better you. A little reading and viewing goes a long way. My blog helps unleash the personal power that exists in each and every one of us. One of the great life lessons is realizing that it’s all about self-discovery – true exploration begins within.

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Some examples of client profiles

How do you cope with challenges that arise in your life? One way to discover your own behavioural patterns is to look at some common scenarios, both personal and professional, and reflect on how you (or perhaps people you know) tend to react in similar situations.



“Whenever my boss asks me to do a presentation in front of clients or the board of directors, my anxiety level rises instantly. I know my stuff, but the thought of speaking to a group of people makes me super nervous. I don’t have this issue if I’m talking to a group of friends. How can I get over my anxiety?”

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“I’ve just been promoted at work. But, every morning, I dread going to work. Why do I doubt myself? I’ve done this type of work before. I’m worried that I’ll struggle to do this job.”

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“No matter what I’m doing, whether at work or at home, I get distracted and don’t manage to complete anything that I start. At work, my lack of attention is starting to have a negative impact on my job. How can I be more focused? What’s wrong with me?”

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