Let’s meet Jennifer…

Age: 32
Status: Married with no kids
Occupation: Merchandise manager
Sectors: Big box retail

 “No matter what I’m doing, whether at work or at home, I get distracted and don’t manage to complete anything that I start. At work, my lack of attention is starting to have a negative impact on my job. How can I be more focused? What’s wrong with me?”

It seems that every other week, Jennifer’s boss adds one more task to her responsibilities – causing her to fall further behind on her already lengthy to-do list. So far, no one has noticed because as soon as someone inquires about one of those wayward deliverables, she works late to complete that deliverable. She knows that one day soon, she’ll be found out. For reasons she doesn’t understand, Jennifer can’t focus and is easily overwhelmed by competing demands. Not a multi-tasker, she’s afraid to admit to anyone that she’s barely hanging on.

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