Let’s meet Stephanie…

Age: 50
Status: Married 22 years with 3 teenagers
Occupation: Volunteer
Sectors: N/A

“My teenagers have comebacks for everything and it’s driving me crazy. It seems like they take turns setting me off. I’d like to see behavioural changes but I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. How can I become more zen while preparing these teens for adulthood?”

Parenting a teenager is no easy task. Stephanie can’t seem to connect with her eldest daughter Eliza, now 17 years old. Stephanie tries to control her daughter’s behaviour and in doing so, witnesses the rift between them growing wider. As her teenager tries to find her footing as an adult, while clinging to her childhood, Stephanie lacks the skills and patience to understand how to deal with Eliza. Seeing herself in Elissa, Stephanie wants her daughter to learn from her mother’s mistakes instead of allowing Eliza to make and learn from her own.

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