Let’s meet Jeff…

Age: 30
Status: Single
Occupation: Communications officer
Sectors: Telecommunications

“Whenever my boss asks me to do a presentation in front of clients or the board of directors, my anxiety level rises instantly.  I know my stuff, but the thought of speaking to a group of people makes me super nervous. I don’t have this issue if I’m talking to a group of friends. How can I get over my anxiety?”

Sought after by headhunters, Jeff was recently hired by a competitor of his last employer. Although he had risen through the ranks with his previous employer, Jeff plans to move yet again in order to get a big promotion he desperately desires. However, with every move, his anxiety grows. And now, at a crucial point in his career, Jeff’s expected to lead presentations at conferences and to the company’s board of directors. Public speaking triggers his anxiety, and he struggles to keep his composure in front of a crowd.

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