So, I thought of taking a short breather from the regularly scheduled blog posts and write something that’s useful based on a few IGTV videos I posted around the COVID-19 outbreak.

I’ve personally heard from several of you and you’ve shared with me that you’re experiencing anxiety surrounding this. Let me say that you’re not alone. I’ve also experienced anxiety. Here’s a few things that I’ve done to “quiet my mind” so to speak. This isn’t an exhaustive list… just what I’ve personally used.


it doesn’t have to be long… you can get benefit just by starting with 10 minutes a day. There are a few apps you can find on the Apple App Store for your iDevices or Google Play for your Android devices. I’m sorry Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or desktop users… you’ll need to head over to YouTube for your daily dose. Here’s a link to 10 meditations you can do!

Just breathe

There are a few different techniques out there. One of the most common ones is the 4 by 4 where you breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4 and hold for a count of four. To be sure you are breathing properly, you may want to place one hand on your belly to feel your diaphragm rise as you inhale. Your chest, beneath the other hand, should remain still. My friend Avi also does breathwork using the Wim Hof method. He’s mentioned that he’s working to put out some IG Live sessions

Get moving!

I know, a lot of you will tell me that the gyms are closed. So what? Your grandparents managed to exercise way before someone came up with the idea to charge a monthly membership. A lot of personal trainers and studios were forced to get creative and a lot of them have risen to the challenge as of this week and started posting content online for free, same goes with some app developers. I’ve got a short list below. Also, we’re super fortunate that spring is just around the corner and the weather’s been warming up… so, why not go for a walk/jog and put a pair of headphones on and listen to your favourite tunes?

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t grab coffee, watch a movie or hang out (just not in person)

Miss social interactions/coffee with friends? Yup, I’ve got you covered. Coffee with friends can be turned into making your own coffee at home (or picking up from a drive thru) and connecting with FaceTime, Skype or even Zoom all of which offer free options… use the time to catch up this way. The best part? You don’t have to wear pants if you don’t want to LOL

Miss watching movies/tv with friends? I’ve just come across a new “plug-in” for Netflix called Netflix Party (it’s a Chrome extension). Click here if you don’t already have Chrome, and then here to get Netflix Party and voila! Just setup a day/time and it allows for video to synchronize and chatting!

Next up is a personal request I have. Call your family/friends and check up on them. I know several people will say they’re “fine” … but getting a call will mean the world to them. You don’t have to call your entire address book but maybe check in with friends you know are new in town (and may not know that many people), check in with your grand-parents since most of them won’t allow visitors due to the nature of COVID19

Lastly, don’t forget to practice self-compassion. There’s no need to be so hard on yourself. You skipped the gym, didn’t close all your AppleWatch rings, lost a walking challenge, etc. It’s ok. There’s more to life than metrics. Your mental health will thank you.

CARROT Fit app (App Store only)

WimHof app (App Store or Google Play)

PlanetFitness App (App Store or Google Play) has free workouts. Streaming workouts via their Facebook page every day (free for everyone)

19 Minute Yoga – Free live streamed yoga classes on YouTube

@mikeamacdonald (running a 30 day challenge)



@Barrys is live streaming HITT with different focus every day

@teamkingsbury (personal trainer on movie sets)




I realize that some of these are large organizations and people who aren’t necessarily local… if you have some local people doing the same, hit me up with their IG account handle and I’ll happily add them to this list.

PS. The second half of this article will be published next week.

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