You may or may not be familiar with the term “neuroplasticity,” but by the end of this blog post, you’ll understand how neuroplasticity can help you feel better about yourself. Unlike plastic surgery, there’s no need for anesthesia and no risk of a botched nose job.

What is neuroplasticity?

Simply, neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons in the brain to adjust1 your activities or reactions in response to new situations or to changes in your environment.


Why do I react the way I do?

It’s pretty simple. The first time you face a situation with multiple alternative outcomes, you chose one, and that determines your path forward. Over time, you will tend to repeat the same decision when faced with similar situations, and then your brain automatically steers you down the same rabbit hole each and every time.

Change doesn’t always come easy

Now that you’ve successfully programmed yourself, what can you do to change the pattern you’ve created? For example, in your relationship, do you tend to calmly talk things through when your partner provides you with constructive criticism (although it’s not always presented as gently as you may prefer), or do you storm out of the room or go on the attack? All emotional responses are normal, but the two latter reactions will probably exacerbate the situation and won’t help you gain perspective on or work out a solution to the issue your partner has identified.

Coaching as a solution

As a personal and professional coach, I have the training and knowledge of the proven strategies to help you identify the root cause of your negative reactions and, more importantly, what you can do to change how you deal with these emotions, to create positive outcomes.

Taking steps to improve your outcomes

Everyone has an inkling where things go wrong in their lives, but deconstructing a lifetime of negative reactions takes professional help, and I’m here to offer you just that. Together, we can transform your so-called “negative” reactions, and assist you in the creation of positive behaviours that strengthen your self-image, build deep links in your relationships, and contribute greatly to your future enjoyment and happiness.

Let’s solve what’s holding you back

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